2008 NFL Draft – What’s a Mock Draft?

The new NFL logo will get its debut at the 2008 NFL Draft

A mock draft is a pre-draft of sorts; it’s an opportunity for NFL football experts and fans alike to put their heads together, do a bunch of research and basically guess which players will go where before the actual 2008 NFL Draft takes place on April 26-27 (in New York). If you’re looking for links to other sites that have mock drafts, check out this site.

Here is the official 2008 NFL Draft order. Finishing the season with one win all year, the Miami Dolphins will get the first draft pick. Up next will be th St. Louis Rams, then the Atlanta Falcons third, Oakland Raiders fourth, and the Kansas City Chiefs fifth. Atlanta won a coin toss with Oakland and Kansas City for the right to choose third. All three teams had identical 4-12 records in 2007. The New York Giants, the winners of Super Bowl XLII, are given the last selection, and the losers (the New England Patriots) will pick second to last.

Of the 253 selections, 221 are regular selections in rounds one through seven, and 32 are compensatory selections, distributed among rounds three through seven.