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Free football betting tips for all!

Football Betting Tips

Football is known as the world’s most popular sport for a reason: it dominates in every metric, including audience size, federation and club money, and the number of professional players. In most countries, it is also the most popular betting discipline. Following that, we will explain in detail tips for betting on football. The material will be beneficial to both beginners and expert gamers.

In football, there are no win-win methods! Several activities and sequences may be taken to reduce the loss factor. This article will give working tactics that have shown to be effective on several occasions.

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Football betting odds

Football Betting Odds

Before reading the part devoted to the analysis of various football betting sites, we will remind you how odds on football work. Football odds are the coefficients that show the ratio of the probability of winning or losing a football team on which the fate of your bet depends.

This means that when you visit a betting site, you will always find a column where today’s football odds are posted. The most important information you need will often be in the most prominent place in the lists of upcoming matches.

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Ricky Williams: One and Done

For a while there, it looked like the Miami Dolphins had a chance. But the longer Monday night’s soggy matchup with the Pittsburgh Steelers went, the more you could tell nothing was going to happen with Patrick Cobbs carrying the ball.

The Dolphins desperately needed someone to carry the ball through the mud, so they activated both Ricky Williams and Jesse Chatman for Monday night. And both were knocked out of the game; worse, Williams is already on injured reserve with a torn pectoral muscle.

Miami just took a huge step down the road to 0-16 by losing Williams for the rest of the year. But will Ricky be around in 2008? There was talk the Dolphins were showcasing Williams for a potential trade; now that his showcase is over prematurely, the Fish may keep Williams during his contract year and sign him on the cheap should he perform well. The legend continues.

NFL Week 10 Wrap-UP Report

This week’s NFL Week 10 wrap-up report looks a little like this: we take a look at the happenings of this past weekend in the NFL; we ask a bookmanager about Peyton Manning’s worst day ever, Adrian Peterson’s injury as well who he thinks the second best team in the league is now that the Colts are suffering through a mini-slump.

The Colts lost their second game in a row after Peyton Manning threw a career high six interceptions, what can we make of this? Are the Colts still the second-best team in the NFL right now?

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How Great was Patriots vs. Colts Game?

The Patriots dropped the cash!

That’s the main storyline (as far as we’re concerned) about Sunday’s Patriots-Colts game. Sure, the Pats went 9-0 straight up and will now carry the 1972 Miami Dolphins on their backs for the rest of the season – or until they lose, whichever comes first. But it was easily the toughest game of the year for both teams, and New England escaped by the skin of its teeth.

It took two fourth-quarter TD drives (keyed by two Tom Brady bombs) for New England to win 24-20 as 6.5-point road faves. Indy’s offense did well in the first three quarters, but the absence of Marvin Harrison was problematic for Peyton Manning, especially once Anthony Gonzalez was knocked out in the first half with a finger injury.

Even if you had given the Colts a full complement, Sunday’s game would have been a close one. Perhaps they will meet again in the AFC Championship (fingers crossed).

Now here’s a highlite video of the Colts/Patriots game from Sunday. Enjoy.

NFL Week 7: Is 43 too old to be playing pro football?

When 43-year-old Vinny Testaverde led the Carolina Panthers to victory last week, he became the oldest starting QB to win a game in NFL history. But it also took a pair of injuries to Jake Delhomme and David Carr for Testaverde to get another shot at NFL glory.

It’s very rare someone gets to strap on the pads at age 40 or above – Atlanta’s Morten Andersen is 47 and threatening to break George Blanda’s record of playing in the NFL at age 48. But kicking doesn’t take nearly the toll on the body as lining up under center.

Even regardless of ability, the NFL shuns the older set. The escalating veteran’s minimum contract keeps kickers like Andersen sitting by the phone waiting for a desperate team to call (hello, Falcons), and the dressing room can be a lonely place for a 40-something surrounded by people nearly half his age. Still, it beats mowing the lawn.

NFL Week 5: Panthers at Saints; Dolphins at Texans

The Saints are laying three points at home? Well, Carolina’s defense has been brutal this year, 26th in the NFL in efficiency and especially awful against the pass. But the Saints have been near the bottom of the league in every aspect of the game. They have no talent in the trenches, and it would seem all David Carr needs to do to win Sunday is hand the ball to DeShaun Foster and DeAngelo Williams. Then again, that’s what I thought last week against Tampa Bay, too.

The Dolphins-Texans matchup has a bit more mustard on it. Miami’s defense is vastly underperforming at No. 29 overall, but the offense is starting to click in its first year under head coach Cam Cameron. Ronnie Brown is back on the radar screen after two excellent weeks, so if the Fish (+6) have Trent Green pepper the field with short passes, they have a solid chance to finally win a game.