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William Hill Review

William Hill betting company is the oldest and largest betting company in the UK, created by William Hill back in 1934. To date, more than 15,000 employees work in the betting company, there are more than 5,000 stationary betting points. The company has gaming licenses in England, Italy, Spain, Nevada, Malta, and Gibraltar. The main office is based in England, its shares are traded on the London Stock Exchange.

In 1998, the office was the first in the world to accept interactive bets via the Internet, predicting the future of online betting. The best programmers were hired to create the site. This portal has become an example for all other bookmakers. The company exhibits a huge, rich action line, and mobile applications have been developed for three operating systems.

Football is one of the most popular sports games today. It is played on all continents, by children and adults, rich and poor. The game of our favorite teams is watched at large stadiums, at home behind the TV, from the phone screen.

Many fans of this wonderful game often have a question: how to make money on your hobby?  Sports betting may be the answer. But it is important to choose the right betting site in order not to get caught by scammers. Also, bets should be made wisely so as not to lose all the cash at once.

Read more about all this in our article about one of the best online football betting companies – William Hill.

William Hill online football betting website

William Hill online football betting website

The design of the site is made in an ascetic English style: there are no bright colors, pop-up pages, or advertising. This fact shows the solidity of the bookmaker, the refusal to attract young people with primitive means of animation and coloring. The portal and all the stylistics of the office are designed for an adult audience who are interested in completely different parameters.

After entering the official William Hill website, the bettors are greeted by soft blue-white tones. It is immediately recommended to do two things – switch the portal language to native and choose a convenient display of coefficients – fractional, decimal, or American. These parameters are changed from two sections in the upper right corner of the panel.

The most interesting events of the day are always located in the center of the main page on a light background (“best bets” — in the terminology of William Hill). On the left are the sports presented in a vertical list. First, there are Live events, then football, tennis, basketball, and hockey. Just below are all competitions ranked alphabetically. If desired, they can be skipped with one click, and two sections will appear in their place – top bets and promotions.

The top bets are also shown on the right side of the screen (according to analysts of William Hill), but already in the form of a list of fights, mainly football. These matches offer good odds and a very large list for each meeting, reaching 500-600 additional events. This is a real feast for aesthetic bettors who build different betting strategies on such matches.

On the top panel of the site, the main sections necessary for betting or gambling are modestly visible. In the upper left corner of the stylized font is the brand of the bookmaker William Hill. From any action line of the match, block, or section of the site, it will always be in place, and when you click on it, the player gets to the main page.

The following sections are located horizontally from left to right on the top panel of the screen:

  • Sports betting. A classic section where thousands of events are displayed daily. The player chooses between pre-match and live bets, as well as sports for betting.
  • Games. This section is designed for a wide audience. It presents classics based on monopoly, the Dune universe, the book about the Snow Queen, and other works. There are live games, that is, live, with a jackpot of hundreds of thousands of dollars and new items.
  • Live casino. In addition to the bookmaker, William Hill is also a successful online casino. There are very different games and types of roulette live in the form of previews on the screen. The service is conducted by experienced real people — dealers from William Hill, there are online guides, and reliable payment methods are accepted. 

William Hill football betting

For most bookmakers and bettors, William Hill is recognized as one of the best football bookmakers. Today William Hill football provides some of the best conditions for bettors. There are many exotic and popular championships on their website. At the same time, the office does not strive for the number of positions, but the quality of its users. Since this is an English company, traditional competitions for this country are presented here, especially football. In addition to a wide line, there are also high coefficients. Everything is done so that ordinary football fans can bet on their favorite sport and not encounter any difficulties at the same time.

If you are still in doubt about whether to put the William Hill site on the go or not, then do not forget that the company has prepared a William Hill football coupon for you specifically for which you can get more than $30. Use the William Hill football coupon and win huge prizes!

William Hill football betting tips

Football is one of the most popular sports in Europe. Thousands of football fans are trying not to miss a single significant match. And some even try to make money on their favorite sport by getting carried away with betting. If you belong to this group of people, the tips below will be useful to you.

Often, beginners who are just getting acquainted with the bets are one hundred percent sure that one or another team will win and put all the money on it. You should not do this because sport is an unpredictable sphere in which there is always room for surprises and it is impossible to predict the outcome of the match one hundred percent.

It would be best to split the money into many small parts and bet two or three percent of the bank on one game.

No random actions

Most beginners prefer to place bets at random, relying on their intuition. This approach can cause financial costs. There are no random decisions in betting. To know exactly which team to bet on and make a profit, it is necessary to take into account many points: the presence of a permanent goalkeeper on the field, the physical form of defenders and forwards, the result of championships, and so on. This state of affairs will allow you to exclude incorrectly placed bets and unnecessary losses of money.

Think over your steps

First, it is necessary to develop a strategy for the game, using which it will be possible to organize actions. If you can’t develop your own, you can use someone else’s.

Secondly, it is necessary to constantly monitor the events taking place in this sport. Be sure to view the news of the football championships, the World Cup, and many other matches.

And, thirdly, to determine exactly how much money you can spend on betting without fear of losses. After all, no one needs unnecessary worries!

Exclude express bets

These are bets in which several outcomes are possible, according to which the number of winnings or their absence will be determined. With such a variant of betting, it is quite difficult to determine the outcome, even if the championship involves the participation of well-known teams.

Carefully study football news

Be sure to monitor everything that happens in this sport. After all, football is a team game. And this means that the result depends on many factors. Read reviews of professional analysts, be interested in the news, take into account the score that ended the previous championship, and be sure to accept messages about the health of players. This method will help you determine in advance what the weaknesses and strengths of the team are and eliminate mistakes.

William Hill football app

William Hill football app

If you find the William Hill site a little bit uncomfortable, this disadvantage is eliminated by the mobile applications of the bookmaker, bringing many more advantages. They are designed for Android, iOS, and Windows mobile devices. According to the statistics of the office itself, about 70% of their clients use mobile applications while betting.

It is better to download and install apk files from a mobile gadget by logging into the site from a phone or tablet. The links are available for clients of the office and newcomers. Registration is fast enough but scrupulous. It is important not to run into fake websites when downloading applications.

It is much more convenient to bet on football using a mobile application because you do not need to open new tabs in the browser. Just open the app and all possible matches will be in front of your eyes. And considering both the speed of the application and the speed of its download, we advise all users to use it.

William Hill football registration

Creating an account is a standard and mandatory procedure. Registration is not possible in some countries, and William Hill bookmaker provides a list of such countries. To get an account, first of all, you need to log in to the website and click on the yellow “Register” button in the upper right corner. In the registration form that opens, you must fill in the following lines:

  • Gender, first and last name of the player.
  • Specify your date of birth.
  • Write the real mobile phone and email address registered to the bettor.
  • Specify the zip code of residence. The system will automatically start selecting the country and city in the drop-down list. If there is no bettor in the list of localities, you need to specify the registration address and the city/village yourself. To do this, select the last item in the window that has fallen out – “Self-filling in the address”. Click the “Continue” button.
  • On the second page of the William Hill questionnaire, login should be created, as well as a password (at least 8 characters with at least one uppercase and a lowercase Latin letter, a number, and another character, like @ or &). The answer to the secret question is indicated in case of password loss. A limit on bets is also introduced, you can bet “without restrictions”.

By clicking on the lower green “Agree and join” button, the player consents to the processing of personal data and gives an obligation that he is of legal age in his country. This completes the creation of an account in William Hill. In case of failure, a phone number is displayed in the registration form, which promises to help complete the process.

Technical Support of the William Hill 

Today William Hill football has one of the best technical support teams among all bookmakers. The feedback of the technical staff with customers is at a high level, the staff is competent and polite. The following channels are available:

  • Round-the-clock support phone number.
  • Online chat with the staff.
  • Email address.

William Hill specialists respond quickly and to the point. They will be happy to solve any of your problems and help solve difficulties.

Final Verdict on William Hill football betting

We were talking about one of the best bookmakers for betting on football. What does this bookmaker offer? High coefficients, a convenient website, intriguing betting bonuses and an excellent application. The company has done everything to make it as comfortable as possible for users to bet on sports. If you are still in doubt, then we advise you to try football bets with the William Hill company yourself. Good luck!