Free football betting tips for all!

Football Betting Tips

Football is known as the world’s most popular sport for a reason: it dominates in every metric, including audience size, federation and club money, and the number of professional players. In most countries, it is also the most popular betting discipline. Following that, we will explain in detail tips for betting on football. The material will be beneficial to both beginners and expert gamers.

In football, there are no win-win methods! Several activities and sequences may be taken to reduce the loss factor. This article will give working tactics that have shown to be effective on several occasions.

Football betting characteristics

Football betting includes several features:

  • A broad line. Football is the most popular sport, and bookies provide a large number of matches. Players in big bookies can wager on the second and third divisions, as well as the youth championships.
  • Deep action line. You may place bets on numerous forms of betting on the Europa League, World Cup, or national championships. These are statistical indicators, such as combined results, tournament winners, top scorers, and so on.
  • High coefficients. Bookmakers establish a minimum margin for the key outcomes of popular football games, which increases the value of the coefficients.
  • The availability of data is one of the characteristics of football betting. Important statistical metrics are published by bookmakers themselves.

What to look for when placing a football wager?

What to look for when placing a football wager?

Pre-match analytics are an essential aspect of any sports prediction, whether it’s basketball, table tennis, or darts.

Current state

The state of the teams is an important consideration when placing a football bet. Look at the outcomes of recent matches to get an accurate judgment. Not only are the game outcomes important, but so are the primary statistical indicators: shoots on goal, percentage of ball possession, number of interceptions, successful strokes, and martial arts riding.

These statistics values are considered for each squad. It is also vital to examine statistics from both home and away games.

Face-to-face games and their history

When using betting tips for football, it is important to consider encounters between “inconvenient rivals.” Despite the disparity in level, the clubs are unable to demonstrate their football and must settle for a draw or perhaps lose to the underdogs.

Position in the tournament and motivation

Football players are not always fully motivated. This is especially true during the Eastern European Championships when clubs complete their tournament obligations and provide points to their opponents.

Many teams deploy a reserve squad early in the season since they are competing in both the main championship and the National Cup. If there is no question about the favorite’s triumph, even while playing against a weak opponent, the wager on the underdog’s plus handicap may be worthwhile.

Line-up and positioning for the game

When placing a football wager, take into account the list of injured and disqualified players. It is critical to examine the field layout of the players picked by the coach. The match’s composition and location are usually announced a few hours before kick-off.

The 3-5-2 design, for example, involves the deployment of laterals, one of whose functions is aggravation from the flank. And if there are frequent shots and feeds into the penalty area, there is a good chance of a lot of shots on goal and corners.

Match Referee

It would be beneficial to learn the name of the referee before betting on football. Despite the appearance of insignificance, the judge assesses the character of the encounter. Some referees will let you stay in the opponent’s penalty area, while others will quickly “blow the whistle.”

Tips for betting on football

Tips for betting on football

Now as you have already caught the basics of betting tips for football, let’s go through the working free football betting tips.

The goal in extra time

The goal-in-extra-time strategy is very simple and requires virtually no intervention during the match. The essence of the strategy is to place a bet on a goal scored in a period of time, in the period from 88-90 minutes. It is very important to have time to place a bet before the announcement of the number of added minutes in the match! The coefficient for such an outcome is in the region of 5.

The selection of matches takes place immediately before their start. Since most of the games take place at the same time, it is very difficult to follow each one. Therefore, bets are placed without additional evaluation at 87-89 minutes, at the moment when the coefficient is equal to or greater than 5.

Bet against the Favorite

Repeated studies have proved the overestimation of the favorites of football matches and the profitability of betting on an underdog. But without a full analysis of all the components of the meeting, it is impossible to show a stable plus for a long time.

A long-term (seasonal) strategy for football against the favorite will allow even beginners who are poorly versed in sports betting to make a profit.

It is necessary to put the entire season on defeats of recognized leaders of the championships. The idea of the strategy is as follows: the movements of the coefficients are very susceptible to “overloading” of bets, and as a rule, in a match with the participation of a clear leader, the coefficients on the opponent are unreasonably overestimated.

Do not bet on a coefficient lower than 1.9. It does not make sense to bet on a loaded coefficient or an obvious outcome that is initially underestimated by bookies. You need to have an advantage in analysis over the analysts of bookmakers. By betting on an obvious outcome, we lose potential profit, even if we win.

If the total is greater than 2.5 and the total is less than 2.5 is estimated by equal coefficients, then the odds for both outcomes laid down by the bookmaker may be the same (50%/50%). It is necessary to determine for yourself which of the outcomes is most likely and why.

Betting on a draw

Bookmaker clients rarely use betting on a draw in football as a separate choice. In the best case, a draw appears in bets on a double outcome (1x, x2). A large “pro-load” of outcomes for the victory of the first and second teams gives rise to an attractive coefficient for a draw result.

A large number of matches with an equal score are characteristic of inconclusive championships. In all these championships, the number of draws is around 35%. Considering that the average coefficient for it is 3.40, bets on all matches of one of these leagues can bring 12% profit from turnover.

Bets on beginners 

Always the newcomers of the higher leagues in their first season are regarded as clear outsiders in most matches. They completely update the composition due to the increase in the class and high results are not expected from them. If we talk about the leading European championships (England, Germany, Spain, etc.), then at least one of the newcomers shows good football, steadily gaining points. This is due to two factors: 

  • underestimation by rivals; 
  • the squad is new and the players are motivated to prove their aptitude to the coach; 

In the first part of the season, such teams always have inflated coefficients. If you find a beginner with potential and put positive odds, double chances, or even wins on him, in the long run, it will bring profit.

Features of the game in live mode

Features of the game in live mode

Many people prefer to bet on football live, i.e. during matches. This allows you to get more favorable odds and make a safety net by betting on opposite events. For a successful live game, you need to prepare for certain difficulties: 

  • Movement of quotations. Football is not the most dynamic sport, there are no dynamics in it like in tennis or basketball. However, in some markets, the coefficients may change dramatically. Especially if something significant happened in the match – a penalty, a canceled goal, etc. Therefore, it is important to learn how to react to changes in quotes. It also requires a fast and stable internet connection in order to make a bet on time. 
  • The video is late. There is always a delay in broadcasts – from 5 to 30-40 seconds. Up-to-date information about the course of the event can be found only in the match center or on statistical portals.
  • Bets are accepted with a delay. In most bookmakers, it is 3-5 seconds. If during this time the coefficient changes downwards, the bet will not be accepted, and you will have to re-confirm the action. In the interface of many bookies, you can enable the option of automatically accepting bids when quotes change. This is convenient, but it can play a cruel joke. 


Each football betting strategy consists of many components. A flaw in one of the positions can lead to a significant shortfall in the rate. It is important to understand that only mechanical repetitions of the same type of actions are unable to make a profit for a long time. You should always be aware of all changes related to your strategy.

Remember, the more information you have about a football match, the more advantage you have over bookmakers! Well, don’t forget to stick to our tips for betting on football.