Is New England the Perfect NFL Team?

A 16-0 record would indicate that yes — the New England Patriots are indeed a perfect team…this season. But as we all know no one team is “perfect”. For starters, they beat the New York Jets — a team that they were predicted to humiliate — by a stingy margin of 38-35. That doesn’t exactly qualify as an ass whooping now does it…?

“Everyone is going to enjoy this one,” said Pats QB Brady, who threw for 356 yards and completed 32 of his 42 passes. “This happens once every 35 years.”

Thirty-five years ago it was the Miami Dolphins who posted a perfect season. Looking at the Dolphins now and you’d think we’d be talking about a different league altogether. But no…same league, two totally different teams. And in the case of the New England Patriots we’re talking about a team that has done what no other team has done this season (win every single game, thank you very much).

But it was coach Bill Belichick who summed it up best: “That was some way to finish the season,” Belichick said. “It’s really something to be part of this team and what they accomplished today.”

Let’s see what they can do in the playoffs…