NFL Football: Early Surprise Teams

Some people are more easily surprised than others. If you studied the Green Bay Packers during the offseason, and their first three opponents (the Eagles, Giants and Chargers), you might not be surprised that they’re 3-0 SU and ATS. OK, beating the Giants couldn’t have been a surprise. But both the Eagles and Chargers? As they say, hindsight is 20/20.

How about the New Orleans Saints at 0-3 SU and ATS? Again, perfectly logical in retrospect with that lousy defense and shaky offensive line. Plus, having to play the Colts and Bucs on the road before hosting the Titans is no simple task. The big surprise is how poorly they’ve performed: three straight blowouts of at least 17 points.

Here’s the biggest shocker of them all: the Jacksonville Jaguars. Yes, they’re 2-1 SU, but at 1-2 ATS they’re not playing nearly as well as last year. Whatever happened to running and defense?