NFL Week 5: Browns at Patriots; Chargers at Broncos

Tom Brady is human after all. Did you see that interception he threw Monday night against the Bengals? Horrible.

He’ll need to throw about six of those against Cleveland if the Browns are going to have any hope of winning this week. The question is how big the spread is going to be. We were anticipating something just over two converted touchdowns at press time. The Browns are 3-1 ATS this season and have already upset both Cleveland and Baltimore.

We were also still doing the math on the Chargers-Broncos before the line went up. This is the mirror image of the Browns-Pats matchup: a combined 1-7 ATS. It looks like Denver will be a very small favorite at home, but the Chargers are starting to get their run game in order, which is doom for the Broncos. They let Joseph Addai and Kenton Keith romp for 216 yards in Sunday’s 38-20 loss. Yikes.