NFL Wild Card Weekend Picks

New York Giants at Tampa Bay Bucs: O-line vs. D-line? That one’s easy: New York Giants. The Bucs allowed a lot of sacks during the regular season and don’t even get me started about the crappy division they were in. That’s not to say that QB Jeff Garcia doesn’t have it in him to win this one for the fans back in Tampa Bay, but it takes more than one man to win a football game. And that’s why the Giants will win. Eli Manning may be inconsistent but as a team these guys play so well together. When it matters most the Giants will stand tall and triumph over Tampa.

Washington Red Skins at Seattle Seahawks: The Washington Red Skins have been on fire as of late but can they keep things going when the going gets tough? Because (if you’ve never been to Qwest Field, and I have!) it’s going to get tough. And damn loud. That whole “12th Man” thing is TRUE, especially when it comes to the playoffs in Seattle. Sleepless or not, the Seahawks are going to be a force to be reckoned with this weekend. And what about Todd Collins for the Red Skins? Let’s see what he’s got. Bring it on, boy!

Tennessee Titans at San Diego Chargers: The Chargers are the team to beat in this matchup. LaDainian Tomlinson, Philip Rivers…these guys are hot. But it just might come down to the team most willing to get down and dirty to win. And that honors, I’m afraid, goes to the Tennessee Titans. Vince Young isn’t playing at his healthiest but something tells me he’s going to leave it all on the field for the team and his coach. Let’s hope the Chargers are just as hungry for the W.

Jacksonville Jaguars at Pittsburgh Steelers: The Jags are the slight favorite to win this game and that’s saying a lot considering that this one is being played in Pittsburgh. Steelers fans are NOT going to make it easy on the visiting team to walk in and win this one on their turf. No bloody way. And if you were to ask Ben Roethlisberger what his thoughts were going into this big matchup he’d probably say something like, “Grrrr…!!!” He’s a man of few words. And he can get the job done.

Stay tuned for a wrap-up report of this Wild Card Weekend once all is said and done…